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Inspiring tomorrow's generation with the advancements of today

As a diverse home across engineering and technology, we have extensive knowledge and a particular view of the profession to share.

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Join in, watch on demand or find out about upcoming webinars.

新萄新京十大正规网站 社区 are working with technical and 行业 experts to provide free insightful content on a variety of engineering disciplines which can be accessed from around the world.

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Contribute your views to make sure 政府 policies are well informed.

帮助 us to engineer a better world

We raise money to support the next generation of engineers to find solutions to our most pressing problems.

The UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project

2019年9月, The Department for 数字, 文化, Media and Sport (DCMS) commissioned the establishment of the UK Cyber Security Council through a consortium of cyber security professional bodies of which the 新萄新京十大正规网站 is the lead contracting delivery partner.

数字 Poverty Alliance

The 新萄新京十大正规网站 is proud to be a founder member of the 数字 Poverty Alliance along with 数字 Access for All, the 学习 Foundation and Dixons Carphone.